Moving to a new community can be exhilarating yet challenging; from choosing the right community, then finding the right home, to the logistics of the move, meeting your neighbors, finding your place in the community to finally building the circle of community residents you call friends.

The best way to find the heart of a community and begin to understand and bond with its spirit is to attend community events. There you can witness perhaps the history and the unique pride that residents in Zionsville have for their town.

Whether you meet new people there or meet up with new neighbors, you get to be a part of the gathering and fun of a community event. Plus it’s a great way to entertain family and friends that may be visiting you in your new home.

Lucky for you Zionsville rolls out the red carpet for its residents quite often. The Village of Zionsville hosts several annual festivals throughout the year. Many of which attract thousands of visitors from the larger Indianapolis metro area.

Yet you don’t need to wait a whole year to attend a festival to get a feel for Zionsville’s tight knit community. Every week Zionsville has their Farmer’s Market and monthly the Country Market, both held in the heart The Village.

Up and down Main Street and throughout The Village many businesses host their own gatherings; from wine tastings, art exhibits, live music, book signings to author readings. It seems every night of the week you can find an event or gathering in which to begin to get to know Zionsville.

So don’t wait around and don’t take our word for it. Come to Zionsville now. Get a feel for our community. Try it on for size. You might find this is the community you want to call home.

Check out these lists of Zionsville community events. Between these three lists you might find an event or two you’d like to try out.

Zionsville’s Chamber of Commerce keeps a terrific list of daily and weekly events throughout the community.

Another terrific community events list comes from Zionsville Town Hall.

For a list of all things Boone County here’s an extensive list of festivals and events.