If you live in Zionsville and your mobile phone breaks, you’re in luck. Well, you’re not lucky because your phone is broken, but you are lucky because the Custom Kraze Phone Repair shop is conveniently located at 110 N. Main Street, in the heart of downtown Zionsville.

From Phone Case Designer to Phone Repair Technician

Custom Phone Case Designs by Brandon Hobbs of Custom Kraze in Zionsville
Custom Phone Case Designs by Brandon Hobbs of Custom Kraze in Zionsville

Custom Kraze began as an independent online-only outlet for customized phone cases and accessories, which inspired the name of the business. When the business began as a side-project, Brandon Hobbs, Custom Kraze’s founder and designer, was working at a retail phone store for one of the major phone carriers. He continually encountered customers who needed to repair their phones. Because the phone service carriers do not perform repairs, he had to send those customers to a nearby phone repair shop.

Eventually, the proverbial light bulb started glowing above Brandon’s head and he came to the entrepreneurial realization that he could provide phone repair services and go into business for himself.

After considerable studying to learn the trade, Brandon earned his certificate as a Certified Cellular Master Technician. He then conducted extensive research about where there was a need for a local phone repair shop. He discovered that downtown Zionsville was the perfect place to open his phone repair business. Two years later, Brandon helps a steady flow of walk-in customers who need their mobile phones and tablet computers fixed. He can fix any brand of mobile device, including Apple, Samsung and all others.

Repairs for Broken Glass, Broken Parts, and Software Issues

The most frequent type of repair Brandon performs is to replace cracked screens on mobile phones and tablets. Other frequent fixes are battery replacement and damage from water. Parts that often need repairing or replacement include the charge port and buttons. Software issues and lack of Wi-Fi access are other problems he works on a lot.

Brandon also performs more in-depth repairs, such as data recovery and micro soldering to repair logic boards. “No other shop in Indiana or the Midwest that I know of does much micro soldering,” he stated in a recent interview. “I’m looking to do forensic type data recovery in the future, to replace actual components on the board.”

Custom Kraze’s Differential Advantage

The biggest difference between Custom Kraze and most other phone repair shops is that when you walk in you’ll be dealing with the owner. According to Brandon, “99% of the time the door is open, I’m in the building somewhere. I have only one employee. You can always talk to me.”

Another significant difference from national franchise phone repair centers is that the price you’ll pay for repairs at Custom Kraze will usually be about 15% to 20% less.

How to Avoid Needing Repairs

When asked for a few tips about how to keep a mobile in good working condition, Brandon stated, “The #1 thing is to use a certified charger. Do not use a knock-off charger. Chargers that use the wrong voltage will damage a phone over time. That greatly reduces the life of a phone. I see it every day, especially with iPhones. The #1 killer of phones are the $5 chargers at gas stations. They buy them in bulk from China for 30 or 40 cents each and sell them $4 or $5, but they only last for a few weeks or when you plug them in you get a message that says, ‘This accessory is not supported.’ For iPhones, we only carry Apple-certified chargers. People ask me for less-expensive chargers, but I won’t carry them because I don’t want to contribute to damaging a phone.”

Another tip Bandon provided was to ocassionally turn off your phone. “A phone is a mini-computer,” he said. “If you don’t shut it off, it’s going to be slower and slower over time. If you reboot it once or twice a week, just shut it off for 5 to 10 minutes.”

Visit or Contact Custom Kraze Phone Repair

Custom Kraze Phone Repair is located at 110 N. Main Street in downtown Zionsville.

The phone number is 317-447-1052.

Business hours are 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday and 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturday. Closed on Sunday.

You can also visit the Custom Kraze website or their Facebook page or Twitter page.